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Greiner Technology & Innovation is about seeing colours, where others only see shades of grey.

Innovation management

Our professional innovation management system increases the Greiner Group’s ability to innovate and covers strategy, organization, culture and processes.

Future research

Our future research at Greiner is aimed at proactively identifying discontinuities, technological trends and future areas of business, with weak signals in the Group environment identified and interpreted to achieve this. For this to happen, we at Greiner need to know our company very well. 

Research funding

We ensure optimum utilization of support programs on the basis of the Greiner Group’s transparent research portfolio.

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Greiner Technology & Innovation – The Development of Innovation

Facts about the Greiner Innovation Community

We know there are lots of great ideas at Greiner, which are just waiting to be discovered. The Greiner innovation community serves as a starting point for our company-wide communication and collaboration. The aim is to promote successful innovation. We look forward to your input! So get involved! This is our current Status quo.




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